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Наши хоккейные бренды

Rink Rat's patented m-tech technology allows us to provide you with the most advanced, highest performing and longest lasting wheels on the market.

M-tech is a soft, highly resilient material with the characteristics similar to that of a "super ball" and it is surrounded by a harder outer layer of advanced chemistry urethane.

How does it work?

THE m-tech RING is poured at a soft 62a durometer and this increases the amount of flex in the wheel. more flex means more of your wheels are making contact with the playing surface.

This flex allows for sharper, more efficient cuts and turns.

The "super ball" characteristic of the material gives the wheel more rebound (or bounce) while coming out of turns giving you quicker bursts of speed and more controlled agility so you can out-maneuver your opponents every step of the way.

The harder outer layer of PRO-LEVEL urethane will allow you to reach faster top end speed in a shorter amount of time, increase the durability and life of your wheels while still providing maximum amount of grip.

M-tech technology is proprietary to rink rat wheels.